The region Bay of the Somme and its surroundings


Saint Valery sur Somme

In the south of the bay of the Somme, near Le Crotoy, lies the medieval city of Saint Valery sur Somme. It is an old city, adapted to his geographical situation. Saint Valéry sur Somme attracts tourists to discover the typical district of the port, the fishermen and the old part of the city.

Le Crotoy

The city of Le Crotoy, near Saint Valery sur Somme, in the heart of the bay of the Somme, is the only beach in the region of le Nord that is southern located and that is protected of the sea winds. Not only the bay of the Somme offers you an incredible geographical setting and culture, but also a never ending pleasure and discovery.

Le Hourdel

The small harbour of Le Hourdel is located in the far southern end of the bay of the Somme. It is also called la pointe du Hourdel. According to the tide you can watch the return of the fishing boats and buy some fresh fish.


Mers-les-Bains is a classified bathing resort, located at the Picardy coast, at 30 km of the bay of the Somme, near Le Tréport. This unique French boulevard with colourful façades, balconies and bow windows, was classified in 1986 and still shows the charm of the belle époque.

Places and activities

The seals of the bay of the Somme

Throughout the year you can discover the seals that are passing trough the bay of the Somme. You can observe these seals colonies in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Le Hourdel, Le Crotoy and Cayeux-sur-Mer. It’s a magical discovery but you need to be silent because seals are anxious animals and they take off when they hear the smallest sound.

Canoeing and kayaking in the bay of the Somme

Discover the bay of the Somme on the rhythm of the tides during kayaking and canoeing trips. At the beach of St Valery, professional guides will lead you to the discovery of the typical fauna and flora of our bay. It’s a unique experience among friends or family.

The ornithological park of Le Marquenterre: Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont

In the heart of the nature reserve of the bay of the Somme lies the incredible ornithological park of Le Marquenterre. It is the ideal sheltering place for thousands migratory birds. In the park you can observe and admire this unique fauna.

Le Domaine du Marquenterre

Come and discover the passion of the breeders of Henson horses in the heart of the nature reserve. Visit of the breeding farm, horseback rides... An unforgettable visit!

The house of the bay of the Somme and birds : Lanchères

Discover the fauna and flora of the bay of the Somme and more than 200 kinds of birds of the bay of the Somme or the park of Le Marquenterre. Daily spectacle of birds of prey.

The railway of the bay of the Somme : Le Crotoy - St Valery - Cayeux

A symbol of the bay of the Somme. Discover the bay in a different way on a slow train from the beginning of the century pulled by a brave steam locomotive.

The abbey and gardens of Valloires: Argoules

The abbey was rebuilt in the 18th century and the gardens, extending over 8 hectares, are created by Gilles Clément. You find here a unique collection of 5000 varieties of plants, planted by theme.

The fortress of Rambures

Fortress and feudal treasure of the 15th century. It is a historical, furnetured monument that is classified since 1840 for its military architecture of the Middle Ages.

The bell tower and museum of the Caudron brothers: Rue

The personal belongings of the Caudron brothers, the aviation pioneers of Picardie, illustrate the evolution of the aviation from 1909 till 1939.

Rocky coast in Ault.
The bay of the Somme in Le Crotoy.
Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and the bay of the Somme underneath a layer of snow.
The beaches of Quend-plage and Fort-Mahon Plage are ideal to drive sail cars and practice other water sports.
The north bank (la Digue Nord) and the lighthouse of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.
The railway line of the bay of the Somme and its steam train.
The lighthouse of Le Hourdel that indicates the beginning of the bay of the Somme.
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